Trump suggests China might be interfering on North Korea

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Kim Yong Chol second from right in Pyongyang on July 7

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Kim Yong Chol second from right in Pyongyang on July 7

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had visited Pyongyang to get Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons.

Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea to meet with officials for a third time.

South Korean Yonhap News Agency said earlier that a personal plane that belongs to Kim Jong-un was seen on Monday in Vladivostok, where it allegedly stayed at the airport for about three hours and then flew to Pyongyang.

5 - Pompeo has highlighted how much economic benefit Vietnam has seen by cooperating with the US and how North Korea could also follow suit.

Speaking in Tokyo after meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts, Pompeo said Sunday that denuclearization will be hard and that much work remains.

Pompeo also stated that progress was made on talks to decommission a missile engine test site - but there's no conclusive deliverable here. The holdup, I would imagine, is that North Korea wants the United States to pay the expenses for the excavation of the remains, which, in reality, have been ready to be sent for many years.

"We had expected that the USA side would offer constructive measures that would help build trust based on the spirit of the leaders' summit ..."

The top USA diplomat continued to describe his conversations with senior North Korean officials as "productive", even as North Korea attacked the US negotiating stance.

"Their statement is typical North Korean negotiating style", Duyeon Kim, a visiting fellow at the Korean Peninsula Future Forum in Seoul, said in an email.

"The road ahead will be hard and challenging and we know critics will try to minimize the work that we have achieved", he said.

He was speaking at a joint press conference with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts - Kang Kyung-wha and Taro Kono - in Tokyo.

The four-paragraph declaration signed by Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12 was long on promises and short on specifics. "If those requests were gangster-like, the world is a gangster", he said. Do you think North Korea is deliberately holding the remains back, to keep them as hostage to their demands?

President Donald Trump addresses the audience during a rally at the Four Seasons Arena at Montana ExpoPark, July 5, 2018, in Great Falls, Mont., in support of Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., and GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

"Are we in fact going to continue to exceed to the North Koreans' running out the clock", asks Gaffney, "even as the evidence grows that they are continuing to amass the means of threatening our country?" "We had detailed and substantive discussions about the next steps towards a fully verified and complete denuclearization". For North Korea, it means the US will abandon its decades-long guarantee to defend a non-nuclear ally South Korea, which has thus far not been discussed.

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