Trump says he has been ‘tougher on Russian Federation than anybody’

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One notable but often forgotten example is that Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., called the claims of Russian Federation hacking the DNC "phony" and "lies" on July 11, 2016.

He said the US has been "modernizing and fixing" its nuclear weapons program and added "it's just a devastating technology and they [the Russians] likewise are doing a lot".

Member states had already agreed, dating back in 2014, to increase their base level defense spending to 2 percent. "It's very detailed", Macron said.

Trump boasted of his intellectual prowess at a surprise press conference in Brussels at which he announced North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member nations had caved to his demands by making significant pledges to increasing defense spending.

Adding to his extraordinary takedown of May, Trump praised Boris Johnson, who stepped down this week as foreign secretary over Brexit. "Putin is not a good guy, he's evil, and so we've got to make sure we get out of this meeting that should have never happened in the first place without doing something that's not helpful", he said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was forced to call an emergency budget meeting of all the allies to deal with the staggering demand.

"Everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment".

"Ultimately, that will be going up quite a bit higher than that", he said. "I will absolutely bring that up", Trump told reporters.

Trump said he does not anticipate a "Perry Mason" moment when he confronts Putin on the issue, a reference to a decades-old US television courtroom drama, and he predicted Putin would continue to deny the allegations. He said he was "extremely unhappy" with the situation, but that alliance members have upped their commitments to defense spending in response to his complaints.

The President singled out Germany for particular criticism over low spending, accusing the nation of being a "captive" of Russian Federation because of a multibillion-dollar pipeline deal. The White House didn't respond to a request for further comment on whether Trump would address the indictment when he meets with Putin.

Earlier Friday during a press conference overseas with his British counterpart, Trump vowed to press Putin about his government's interference in the 2016 American election - though he appeared to leave open, as always, the possibility that he won't. But he did not rule out recognising Rissia's annexation of Crimea.

He said the presidents would meet one on one with just their interpreters.

"We have been far tougher on Russian Federation than anybody..."

UK Prime Minister Theresa May must have choked on her tea when she read Trump's interview with The Sun on Friday morning. The day after the 2016 vote - not the day before - he predicted the European Union would collapse because of Britain's withdrawal.

" I think it is a terrible thing that you have a pipeline coming from Russian Federation and I believe that Germany is going to get 56 to 60, or even 70 percent of their energy coming in from Russian Federation".

Rosenstein, who said he had briefed President Donald Trump on the indictment, said there was no allegation that the hacking altered any vote count or that any Americans were knowingly in communication with any of the Russian officers.

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