Queen Elizabeth meets President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump to visit Windsor on UK tour

This is Mr. Trump's first official meeting with the British monarch, who has met with almost every single one of the last 12 American presidents.

Trump is expected to meet the queen at her Windsor Castle residence Friday afternoon, halfway through his four-day visit to the United Kingdom and Scotland. A Guard of Honour, formed of the Coldstream Guards, gave a Royal Salute and the US National Anthem was played.

Among the crowd of protesters outside American man Martin Williams, who works at Oxford University, called Mr Trump a dictator.

One British family, now living in Nevada, described the Trump balloon as humorous, while Conservative MP Nicholas Soames described it as utterly pathetic pointless and graceless. The president and first lady will also join the queen inside the castle for tea.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" was then played and the Queen guided the president on a review of the honour guard in the castle courtyard.

However, royal observers say the queen's meeting with Mr. Trump is likely to be anything but tumultuous. Walk with her and go at her pace you ill mannered C***!Oh and Scotland doesn't want u either #TrumpUKVisit, ' one tweet read. A statement on the group's website reads, "We will make it clear to the British government that it's not OK to normalize Trump's agenda and the hate and fear it has sparked". "Trump told the Sun he really "[looked] forward to meeting her". "I met her on a number of occasions". Why, you ask? Because about 12 hours before this meeting, Trump blasted May for her handling of Brexit and said that he "told [her] how to do it but she didn't listen". Perhaps she wanted to be early, or just wanted a good first look at the Cold Stream military band that performed the USA national anthem for the trio once they all arrived.

"My mother loved the Queen".

Lucy D'Orsi, who is in charge of the policing operation for the visit, said she had seen discussion about police "restricting the right to protest", and added the force was aiming to strike a balance between that and public safety.

An activist group was given permission to fly the blimp over London during Trump's visit, which will reportedly be met with up to 200,000 protestors in the streets.

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