Fortnite Season 5 Adds a New Squad Vehicle, Desert Biome & More

Fortnite season 5 map changes

EPIC GAMESFortnite season 5 map changes- Paradise Palms Lazy Links and Desert locations added

This won't mean stuff from last season will be carried over, though, as it will start exclusively from Season 5. Weekly challenges are available for anyone who purchases the Season 5 Battle Pass, which can be had for 950 in-game "V-Bucks", or roughly $10.

The same principle of "Blockbuster" is back in Season 5 of Fortnite, and will now be known as 'Road Trip.' Like Season 4, the new multi-week endeavor requires players with the Battle Pass to complete all challenges from any seven different weeks of Season 5 to unlock the 'Mystery Character'. Beyond all of that, the roof of the All Terrain Kart serves as bounce pad, so this vehicle does a bit of everything.

After posting about his awesome player-made superhero film earlier today, Sonny Evans sent us the replay system cinematic above that shows off Fortnite's newest locales. Epic has brought some of them down to earth in the form of Rifts. The new theme is "when worlds colide", and here's a quick rundown of the coolest stuff for their V5.0 Patch notes.

The biggest changes are to the Fortnite map. The ATK is basically a ruggedized golf cart that enables speed boosts when drifting. The height of the jump will depend on how well players are able to lean back and release at the same time. Both the Drift and the Ragnarok can be unlocked by hitting a certain XP cap and honestly - the progression of the Ragnarok outfit looks like birth as Kratos and death as Thanos. The center of the 7th, 8th and 9th Storm circles can now shift in random directions instead of just simply shrinking. There are also some damage and bullet drop-off changes to the SMG.

In 50v50 or 20v20 modes, you'll now get bonus XP up to three times per match for reviving teammates. Are you exited for Season 5?

Auto-fire has also been added as an option in the iOS game - you can toggle it on and off in the settings menu.

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