Basketball: LeBron's Lakers start to take shape as big banner exits Cleveland

Rams players react to Le Bron James signing with the Lakers

Rams players react to Le Bron James signing with the Lakers

It might be a bit unfair to the Cavs, after all, you don't get all the way to the National Basketball Association finals because of one player, even if that player is as talented as James, but it's still fair to say that LeBron shouldered an enormous amount of the burden.

James is the co-founder of Los Angeles-based production company SpringHill Entertainment, which has developed more than a dozen TV series and films including Starz drama "Survivor's Remorse" and NBC game show "The Wall".

The unnamed fan, who's going viral, reportedly didn't suffer any serious injuries, except for the preexisting one: a star breaking his heart.

That mission was accomplished when the Cavaliers won the 2016 crown with James in the starring role as Cleveland celebrated a sports champion for the first time in 52 years.

This one fan seems to have acted alone, although supervision clearly was necessary.

It's no secret that LeBron James sells tickets like no other, but less than 24 hours after he announced his anticipated 2018 free agency decision, the Los Angeles Lakers market is already feeling the ripple effect of his presence.

Well, with the NBA's moratorium period not ending until 12:01 p.m. on July 6, Embiid and the Sixers still have some time to change James' mind.

Though James will be playing for another team next season, there is no denying the impact he had on Northeast Ohio.

The Lakers won't challenge for a championship in the short term that way. Last week, he became a free agent after declining a $35.6 million contract option from the Cleveland Cavaliers for next season, according to ESPN. Last week George opted out of the final year of his deal with the Thunder on Saturday, fueling speculation he would in fact move to L.A. this summer, but on Saturday he announced he had signed a new four-year deal with Oklahoma. Again, Rondo got one year.

From the above table, LeBron James will earn Shs 15.4 billion in four years, Shs 3.8 billion per single year, 300 million per month, shs 74 million per week and Shs 10 million a day.

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