New app built for longer video

Instagram unveils new IGTV app for long-form vertical video, now has 1 billion users

Instagram Launches Long-Form Video With New IGTV App, Hits 1 Billion Users

As it was previously expected, Instagram has officially announced and released its new long-form video service, IGTV on the App Store. Simple, we've all seen videos shot on a mobile phone in portrait mode and they don't display well on the invariable landscape video players, so Instagram have gone portrait for video. Anyone can create content for IGTV and upload videos via the app or on the web.

Facebook announced Tuesday it would be launching a series of interactive shows on its own video outlet, Facebook Watch. The IGTV app starts playing as soon as you open the application.

Videos start playing as soon as the app is opened based on the people you already follow on Instagram.

Similar to YouTube and other video platforms, IGTV also has the concept of channels.

"We've created IGTV to showcase mobile video the way it should be - fully immersive", Facebook and Instagram ANZ managing director Will Easton says.

"There're no ads in IGTV today", Systrom added.

As of the first quarter of 2018, Instagram parent company Facebook had about 2.19 billion monthly active users. This means that you will not have to search for a video to get started. The company's next step is to break into videos full-time with its very own standalone app, IGTV.

The unveiling event also featured some widely followed Instagram personalities, including LaurDIY and King Bach, who have 4.2 million and 15.4 million followers, respectively.

Like normal TV, IGTV has channels.

YouTube and Vimeo are the defacto go to websites for video content, so how does Instagram set themselves aside?

There will be a new IGTV app as well as a button for the new feature next to the "Stories" section on the app. Instagram has always been a place to connect with the people who inspire, educate and entertain you every day. Systrom said Wednesday that Instagram now has 1 billion monthly users, and the Pew Research Center recently reported that 72% of USA teenagers say they use Instagram. All users will initially be able to record video up to 10 minutes, while select accounts with larger followings will be able to record video up to 60 minutes.

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