MacOS Mojave's Continuity Camera Lets You 'Take Photo' with iPhones

Apple WWDC 2018 Siri health and augmented reality are expected topics

People enter an Apple store in New York

Apple Watch's operating system also upgraded to WatchOS 5.0, which included a new feature where users can press a button and send their voice directly via walkie-talkie-style communication with other Apple Watch users.

"As with all Apple software updates, enhanced privacy and security remain a top priority in iOS 12", Apple said in a statement.

The phrase "online privacy" is one of the burning issues of the moment, with the European Union's General Data Protection (GDPR) regulations coming into force, and Apple's latest software update builds upon this trend.

There is also a new "Do Not Disturb during Bedtime" mode to help people get a better night's sleep by dimming the display and hiding all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning.

Screen Time will offer daily and weekly activity reports that reveal the amount of time spent in individual apps and how often a device is picked up, among other things, USA Today said.

If users are concerned by the report they can then set limits on how long they want to use certain apps for in a day.

The new tools will be available with iOS 12 this fall (between September and December), said Apple.

For example, a user can change their settings so that if they say "I lost my keys", it will prompt Siri to pull up the Tile app and show you where your keys are.

It's set up a lot like Bitmoji but takes the magic of Animoji live face-tracking to deliver some very fun and diverse experiences that can live in messages or can be directly transposed on your face through the camera app.

"We've never been in the data business", Apple CEO Tim Cook told NPR on Monday.

Cook said he'd been testing them out and was alarmed at what he found. Now that the announcements have been made, fans are eagerly awaiting the newer features which will streamline their devices and make them more efficient. Some analysts remained unimpressed, saying Apple is lagging rivals in key areas like artificial intelligence as the smartphone market matures.

Apple has responded to pressure from family groups, psychologists and even some of its own investors, that it should bear responsibility for how teens seem to be addicted to iPhones and iPads.

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