Bill Clinton addresses his remarks on Lewinsky scandal, says he supports #MeToo

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Clinton said of his affair with Lewinsky, "I dealt with it 20 years ago plus".

Clinton added that he's tried to "do a good job since then" with his personal and professional life. And the American people, two-thirds of 'em, stayed with me.

On not resigning, Clinton said: "I think I did the right thing".

McAuliffe replied, "I wish he had said today, that he had said many times, 'I apologize, ' publicly apologized, felt frightful for the actions that he did and moved on", McAuliffe admitted.

During the interview, the former president insisted he's already paid his dues and will not privately apologize to Lewinsky years later.

MSNBC's Katy Tur and her MTP Daily panel today criticized former President Bill Clinton over his heated interview on Monica Lewinsky.

"That's very different. The apology was public".

Clinton stopped by the Today Show on NBC to discuss his new book, The President Is Missing.

Clinton also noted that there had been negative consequences for him related to the episode, which led to his impeachment by the House but acquittal by the Senate.

In an essay she wrote for Vanity Fair earlier this year, Ms Lewinsky said she went on to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being vilified and publicly shamed by the media. After a highly-politicized and public debate over Clinton's misdeeds, he was impeached by the Republican Congress, but not removed from office.

"No", he said when asked if he apologized to Lewinsky personally.

Rose McGowan - an actress who has become a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement ever since the Harvey Weinstein case blew open - said on Monday that Bill Clinton should be ashamed of himself for what happened to Monica back in the 1990's.

The Lewinsky scandal wasn't the only accusation made against Clinton during his time in office, with Paula Jones initiating a sexual harassment lawsuit against him in 1994.

When Melvin questioned whether he feels he owes Lewinsky an apology, Clinton said, "No, I do not". Trump has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual misconduct and was caught on tape bragging about grabbing women's crotches. "I left the White house $16 million in debt", he said.

"You actually owe everyone an apology, especially her", the actress proclaimed. "You asked me if I agreed, the answer is, no I don't". And he even says at one point, I think it's overdue.

"I still have some questions about some of the decisions which have been made", Mr Clinton said. "All he needed to say in the interview is 'I am profoundly and deeply sorry'".

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