After "Historic Summit", Documentary Shows Trump Saluting North Korean General

Putin invites Kim to Russia praises Trump summit

Putin invites Kim to Russia praises Trump summit

"But we have made very clear that the sanctions and the economic relief that North Korea will receive will only happen after the full denuclearisation, the complete denuclearisation of North Korea".

Notably, like a recent KCTV documentary that showed Kim's visit to Dalian, China, for his second meeting with Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media didn't shy away from showing how much more developed foreign cities were than Pyongyang.

While acknowledging that there may be "very conflicting views regarding the outcome of the summit", the USA had been able to spare "the whole world. the fear of war - a nuclear war - as well as the long-range missiles", he said.

"One of the things that really I'm happy is that the soldiers that died in Korea, their remains are going to be coming back home", Trump said during a Fox News interview.

In the video, Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un walk down a line of North Korean officials to shake hands.

Fresh from talks in Seoul with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts on Thursday, Pompeo took a short flight west to Beijing for ta meeting with his Chinese counterpart.

As an "important party", China offered to assist North Korea and the United States in further talks and in implementing decisions made at the summit.

Pompeo appeared with Wang in Beijing's Great Hall of the People for a brief press conference, where the two discussed the prospects for cooperation on ending Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.

On Wednesday, Trump declared through a series of tweets that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat.

Mr Kim is now promising to work toward a denuclearised Korean Peninsula. Their intercontinental ballistic missiles have the range to hit the US mainland, though there are still major questions about their accuracy and ability to deliver an in-tact warhead.

Bob Menendez, the New Jersey senator who is the committee's senior Democrat, criticised Trump for not notifying South Korea and Japan, the two U.S. allies in the region, before he announced the drills' cancellation.

China's vision of North Korean denuclearization has always been a "freeze-for-freeze" deal, which pairs North Korean steps toward denuclearization with USA disengagement from the region.

Democratic critics in the United States said the agreement was short on detail and that Trump had made too many concessions to Kim without getting anything concrete in return.

This has been taken to indicate that the U.S. would grant concessions to Pyongyang along the way.

Japanese news media have reported that officials are seeking a meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Kim Jong Un.

In Singapore, Kim did not commit to any concrete steps, such as a timetable to end his nuclear weapons programmes, besides reaffirming "his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

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