Whole Foods Unveils Rewards for Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Prime Members Are Getting New Discounts at Whole Foods

Prime Perks: Amazon Dangles Discounts For Whole Foods Shoppers

Amazon previously announced free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores for members of Prime, its subscription club with fast shipping and video streaming.

In bringing Prime to Whole Foods, Amazon is trying to give members another reason to stay on as subscribers - even as it raises the price - and try to lure those who aren't to join. Prime members will receive the exclusive deals and savings by scanning their Whole Foods mobile app at checkout.

Meanwhile, on Amazon, Whole Foods in-store brand 365 Everyday Value, which was already a great deal compared to some of the store's other prices, will likely be among the company's top-selling products this year.

By leveraging Amazon Prime membership - with an estimated 90 million members in the US - to offer additional discounts on top of Whole Foods regular sale prices, AMZN has finally launched its plan to disrupt the grocery industry in a big way.

To access the deals, download the Whole Foods Market app, sign in with your Amazon account, and scan the app's Prime Code at checkout.

Sustainably sourced, wild-caught halibut steaks: $9.99/lb.

Inc.is giving its Prime members another reason to shop at Whole Foods. The perks are available now across Florida and will be expanded to all stores in the summer.

Florida shoppers will be spending less paycheck shopping for organic groceries at Whole Foods Market. Prime members could get 5% back on purchases made using an Amazon Prime Rewards credit card. To learn more about Prime at Whole Foods Market, link your phone number or to try Prime free for 30 days, go to amazon.com/primesavings. For more information, visit www.amazon.com/about and follow @AmazonNews. Whole Foods' loyalty program, which ended on May 2, was young and was considered weak, according to industry insiders. About 75 percent of Whole Foods shoppers are already Prime members, but fewer than 20 percent of Amazon Prime members are Whole Foods shoppers, CNBC reported earlier this month. Amazon declined to say if it plans to add the benefit to stores in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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