Wear OS gains an 'enhnaced' battery saver mode w/ Android P DP2

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Google releases May security patch update for Pixel and Nexus devices

Obviously, I still need more time with it to see if this is good or not.

With gestures enabled, the home button becomes a single pill-shaped button in the center of the navigation bar, and you control all gestures with it. The blog didn't specify how Google would inform people that a robot was making the calls. The feature is expected this summer.

The Duplex demonstration was quickly followed by debate over whether people answering phones should be told when they are speaking to human-sounding software and how the technology might be abused in the form of more convincing "robocalls" by marketers or political campaigns. Google says the technology is rolling out as "an experiment" in coming weeks.

The second Developer Preview of Wear OS based on Android P comes with support for Actions on Google.

The company said it will use artificial intelligence to analyze each story and make judgment calls about quality and its type. There is also the more straightforward fact that Google has thus far behaved much like Facebook in that it tries its best to remain neutral, and in doing so has allowed a series of negative effects to flourish, allowing popularity or virality rather than quality to determine how often something is seen. The feature will start rolling out this month. When one feature recognizes a photo of someone in a user's contact list, it can suggest sending the photo to that person. It will also convert photos to PDFs and automatically add color to black-and-white photos or make part of a color photo black and white.

Google defines Duplex as "a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out "real world" tasks over the phone".

The improvements include more natural pauses "that have meaning" and other subtleties to help create a "more natural dialogue" with Assistant. One Google executive told a Bloomberg reporter it could introduce itself as "the Google Assistant" calling for a client. Or copy text from images of menus, documents and other sources into another app on your phone. Samsung has been developing its own similar feature called Bixby Vision.

"We've partnered with the Android team to develop a feature called Adaptive Battery that uses a deep convolutional neural net to predict which apps you'll use in the next few hours and which you probably won't use until later", DeepMind's James Smith, Simon Rosen, and Chris Gamble wrote in a blog post.

The new concept design for a built-in Android Auto experience the company showed today looks quite a bit like its integration with Volvo. The feature should be available to everyone by next week. This article is for those tech lovers who want to install Android P beta on their Google Pixel devices.

A "Pretty Please" option will reward manners in an increasingly verbal command-based ecosystem, so kids who make requests with a "please" or "thank you" will be acknowledged by the voice-driven platform.

And that omission has overshadowed one of the most innovative consumer tech releases of the year, one that promises to save people the hassle of picking up the phone and going through the steps of asking for a time to come in.

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