TN Republicans among those seeking Nobel Peace Prize for Trump

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and President Donald Trump

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz actually nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize

A group of 18 House Republicans have nominated President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Those joining Messer include Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. Steve King of Iowa. The Republican lawmakers have written in their letter that it is Trump's "peace through strength policies" that are bringing peace to the Korean peninsula and that his "tireless work" towards peace in this world deserves recognition. "His Administration successfully united the global community, including China, to impose one of the most successful worldwide sanctions regimes in history".

Talk of Trump receiving the prize comes less than a year after he and North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, traded heated words over the authoritarian regime's nuclear ambitions.

Previous talks have fallen through because of missile tests launched by North Korea and its seemingly stubborn stance on maintaining its nuclear arsenal. The documents discovered by North Korean hackers in 2016 contained evidence that the U.S. had been planning a "regime change" in NK and assassinate Kim Jong-un, thus they had every right to feel concerned.

It's a move that could curry favor with the president and his supporters just a week before pivotal primaries in states such as West Virginia and in, two "Trump states" where GOP candidates are trying to align themselves with the president.

Trump faced the threat from North Korea head-on early in his presidency while dealing with a battery of high-stakes crises at home and overseas.

The award of the prize to Trump's Democratic predecessor, just a few months after he took office, had itself aroused surprise and strong reactions. Even Obama admitted in his acceptance speech that past recipients were "far more deserving of this honor than I". "Trump has shown major steps toward delivering peace".

Just FYI, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize closed in February.

Beyond Obama, three other United States presidents have received the award: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter. During the meeting, Jae-in received a telegram from Lee Hee-ho, a former first lady of South Korea, congratulating him for a successful summit meeting with Jong-un on Friday and wishing him a Nobel Peace Prize.

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