Rollercoaster gets stuck, riders left hanging upside down

Japan Rollercoaster Gets Stuck Riders Left Hanging Upside Down For Hours

Fortunately no injuries were reported

Riders on a Jurassic Park-themed roller coaster in Japan were stuck upside-down for two hours when the ride stalled, the park confirmed.

Each carriage was full with 32 passengers.

More than sixty people got the fright of their lives after a roller coaster stuck midway for two hours in Osaka, Japan.

Japan's Kyodo news agency said the ride's built-in safety system detected an "abnormality," and automatically halted the ride.

Despite what happened, many visitors to the theme park, which was packed due to the Golden Week holidays, queued to ride the rollercoaster as soon as operations resumed following a test run shortly after 7pm on Tuesday. Theme park staff guided stranded passengers to the ground through the aisle along the rail of the roller coaster before resuming operations two hours later.

"It's scary to think (about) if we had been on board".

The roller coaster had similar issues during operation in August and September a year ago. The theme park should look into the matter seriously before a grave incident takes place.

Another 24-year-old woman said the ride is terrifying and the authorities must make necessary amends to operate is safely.

The white-knuckle ride launched in March 2016 and is now the world's longest flying roller coaster, boasting a top speed of 62mph.

The roller coaster was launched in March 2016 over a 1,120-meter course, with the highest point being 37 meters above the ground.

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