[Report] Fallout 76 is an Online Survival RPG

Bethesda Teases ‘Fallout’ News With Hours Long Livestream

‘Fallout 76’ Teased Ahead of E3

Considering even the original Fallout took place nearly a century after the great war, Fallout 76 could give us a much earlier glimpse at the state of the wasteland if it did open up after a 20-year lockdown. However, others think the announcement might concern a New Vegas-style sequel to Fallout 4. It all started on May 29 when the Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account sent out a tweet that featured the familiar "Please Stand By" screen from previous Fallout games.

Although details on Fallout 76 are still scarce, from what we can gather, it seems this game will fall into a different genre altogether. No, we're not getting Fallout Online, Fallout Shelter 2, or Fallout 3 Remastered (though that's nearly certainly coming).

Bethesda will reveal more information about Fallout 76 on June 11, at the company's E3 showcase. Instead of a remaster, remake, or direct sequel, it's been said that the new game will actually be an online survival title. And then, of course, there are jokes that it will be a 76-player battle royale game because it's 2018 and why not? This is much earlier than any other game in the Fallout universe.

On the heels of Fallout 76's big reveal and subsequent hype crescendo, key sources close to the project have told Kotaku's Jason Schreier that the game will be an experimental new turning point for the series.

Given the song's importance and connection to the state of West Virginia, it is thought that Fallout 76 will be set in the US State, perhaps somewhere near the Appalachian Mountains, if not in them. The game is being developed at both Bethesda Game Studios' main office in Maryland and at the Austin office (formerly known as Battlecry Studios).

In Fallout 3 it was listed on a Vault-Tec terminal in the Brotherhood of Steel's Citadel. It hasn't been made clear as to what Reclamation Day is, exactly, but it is likely the day that the Vault Dweller leaves regardless of its meaning.

Fallout 3 is now available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Let us know in the comment section below! Base-building was first introduced to Fallout back in 2015 with Fallout 4, so we're curious to see how Bethesda has managed to expand on this if the feature is included in the game when it officially debuts.

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