NYC attorney who unleashed racist rant at Manhattan eatery has NJ ties

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News Politics Video That Racist Fresh Choice Guy Is Also a Trump Loving Milo Supporter Written by Daniel Villarreal

Schlossberg's troubles began last Tuesday when he berated employees at Midtown's Fresh Kitchen cafe for conversing in Spanish with each other, threatening to call immigration officials. The company says its policy for news making businesses is to remove posts "that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer's personal consumer experience with the business". The Yelp page for his law firm has been bombarded by negative reviews - and a handful of supportive ones - as a result of his inadvertent stardom. His Yelp page now has more than 2,700 reviews.

A white man's rant against employees speaking Spanish in a NY restaurant has gone viral as internet shaming exposes his ugly sentiments, further blowing America's racial issues wide open.

"And, my guess is they're not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country", he said.

The backlash quickly ballooned online.

The clip of the man yelling in a Manhattan restaurant went viral Wednesday, and he was identified through social media as attorney Aaron Schlossberg.

NY lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, of the Law Office of Aaron Schlossberg, Esq. "P.L.L.C. after a hard day".

Aaron Schlossberg 01
News Politics Video That Racist Fresh Choice Guy Is Also a Trump Loving Milo Supporter Written by Daniel Villarreal

Schlossberg was identified as the perpetrator in the viral restaurant video in a formal complaint filed by two New York Democrats with the state court disciplinary system on Thursday.

Another attorney was seen telling Schlossberg that he should be disbarred. According to state records, Schlossberg was admitted to the NY state bar in 2003 and has an office in Manhattan.

The grievance committee will determine what action, if any, should be taken against Schlossberg.

In an update vlog, Morris reflected on "The Aaron Schlossberg Incident", and stated that what he'd experienced is something that happens to people of color on a daily basis.

He also said he wants the band to sing "La Cucaracha", a traditional Spanish folk song that became popular in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. He said any leftover money would be used to send a taco truck to provide lunch to the staff. Another local reporter approached him at a courthouse in Queens. They also surfaced that he had donated $500 to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, who promised to build a wall between the USA and Mexico and stricter immigration laws. "We're a diverse community of global businesses that have mutual respect for each other".

"We've chose to terminate his agreement with us", company president Hayim Grant told the News.

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