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A new adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch is heading to retail in July.

Nintendo has announced a new accessory for Nintendo Switch that enables you to charge your console while playing it in tabletop mode. The second most egregious design faux pas is that the charging port is on the bottom, which means that you can't keep juice flowing into the thing when you're playing it in tabletop mode.

Considering that it's getting warmer outside, this might tempt more players to take their system outside for parties or just enjoying a nice gaming session on the roof. Hell, you could even just plug in the AC adapter that comes with the system and play in handheld mode with both Joy-Con still attached to the system.

The first piece of information from the GameFaqs thread relates to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. So, the company made a charging stand to ease the process by not requiring users to fiddle with tons of cables and the process of finding the port. The recent series of incidents involving the Switch firmware version 5.0 and third-party docks reveals the extents Nintendo could go to in order to discourage that market.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. Called the Adjustable Charging Stand, it is pretty much what you'd expect something with that name to be. However, charging up the Switch while it's being played in tabletop mode isn't easy. Right now, save data is confined to the system memory of your Switch console.

The new stand also doubles as a charging dock.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership will also provide online access to a roster of classic NES games. This charger will be available for purchase on July 13th. And $19.99 isn't a awful price to pay, either.

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