New emergency notification system gets test in BC


A natural disaster like a flash flood would prompt an emergency

5:30am A natural disaster like a flash flood would prompt an emergency

Emergency Management BC is planning to meet tomorrow with wireless carriers, representatives from other provinces, and system operator Pelmorex to discuss the results of the test.

A lot depends on the handsets used and the software versions of the devices, company officials said in a statement.

The system test comes at the end of Emergency Preparedness Week, following the Federal Government's test of Alert Ready, which sent alerts by television, radio, and, for the first time, to compatible wireless devices across the province on Wednesday afternoon.

Ontario and Quebec had issues earlier this week when the new system was tested there, with many people not getting the alert.

The test, scheduled for 1:55 p.m., did reach users on a number of different cellular networks, with some users reporting to have received it multiple times.

The alert will also run on TV and radio.

"Alert Ready partners have been actively working to resolve identified issues", officials said before Wednesday's round of testing in eight provinces and two territories.

"It's pretty important. we should all be in the know if something big is happening", she said.

"We are watching social media traffic".

Sampson adds those who didn't get the message - but have the Alberta Emergency Alert app downloaded on their phone - did receive the message.

Devices that are turned off won't receive the signal but phone users will hear their conversations interrupted by a sound similar to a call waiting tone.

Individuals with compatible wireless devices connected to an LTE network will be able to receive emergency alerts if they are in the geographic broadcast area.

"TV, radio, cable, satellite and wireless providers are the "last mile" distributors", the company said.

Alert Ready has a compatibility guide on its website to help determine which devices can now receive the alerts.

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