Meghan Markle's half-brother tells Prince Harry to CALL OFF royal wedding

The couple will marry at St GeorgeĀ“s Chapel at Windsor Castle

Meghan Markle's half-brother tells Prince Harry to CALL OFF royal wedding

He also calls his sister: "jaded", "shallow", and "conceited".

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history", the 51-year-old wrote. You do not see the true Megan, which is now seen by the whole world.

Markle Jr., who himself hasn't seen Meghan since 2011, has previously accused her of wanting to be the next Princess Diana. Despite not going to the wedding, LA says he will be in the United Kingdom later this month to shoot the music video for the single "Big Up The Greatest Queen". After their divorce, she lived with her mother, whom she is incredibly close too. "Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are very much looking forward to this short journey which they hope will allow them to express their gratitude for everyone who has gathered together in Windsor to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day".

Thomas claimed their father didn't also get an invite to the wedding.

Thomas told Harry that Meghan used their father until he was bankrupt and then forgot about him in Mexico, leaving Thomas Sr broke from mostly all her debts.

"She can't forget about her family, because. we're never gonna go away".

If you are one of the lucky few with a ticket to Windsor Castle for Britain's royal wedding on 19 May you might expect a feast fit for a king.

The letter further reads, "Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn't invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding".

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However, the Markle half-brother concluded his letter by saying that Meghan is still his sister and that "family comes first".

Another recent report in the United Kingdom tabloid Express, seconds the idea that Meghan and her father are not getting along.

But the half-siblings long ago grew apart.

"Thomas is not a guest at the marriage of the year and does not have the best relationship with the bride".

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