Maple Leafs GM Dubas talks time Shanahan blocked possible move to Avs

Maple Leafs promote 32-year-old Kyle Dubas to general manager

BREAKING: Dubas named Leafs new GM

Sportsnet reported Friday the Islanders and the former Maple Leafs and Devils general manager have talked about a position in the organization.

Brendan Shanahan, President and Alternate Governor of the Toronto Maple Leafs, announced April 30 that Lou Lamoriello would not return next season as General Manager of the Maple Leafs.

Dubas, who joined the team as assistant GM in July 2014, becomes the 17th GM in Toronto franchise history.

Kyle Dubas is younger than that, sure, with 33 coming up later this fall. Marie Greyhounds. Lamoriello replaced Nonis the following summer on a three-year contract. Dubas' successes with the Marlies - developing the organization's prospects while also keeping the American League franchise extremely competitive - were compelling reasons to offer him the job.

Dubas added that Shanahan never made him any promises at the time about being Lou Lamoriello's successor.

John Chayka became the youngest general manager in National Hockey League history in May 2016 when, at 26, he was promoted to GM by the Arizona Coyotes. In fact, Dubas said he relied on Lamoriello for support then. "We talk not just about hockey, but about all aspects of life - fatherhood, family and so on". I think the way he's perceived is that he's very open to ideas, he's very open to change, he's very open to trying to make the Leafs better, and that's really his only focus.

The Leafs' GM job is one of the most attractive in all of hockey, and there was no shortage of people who would've accepted the post.

Dubas is now the second youngest GM in Maple Leafs' history, two years older than Gord Stellick, who was 30 when given the position in 1988.

Dubas, like other analytically-inclined GMs who rose to the top of a front office at a young age, such as Theo Epstein with the Red Sox or Daryle Morey with the Houston Rockets, has gotten a reputation as a "Computer Boy" but The Toronto Star explained that the moniker isn't entirely accurate.

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