Judge orders 30-year-old son to vacate mom's home

His parents claimed he has no job but Michael Rotondo maintained that he runs his own web business

His parents claimed he has no job but Michael Rotondo maintained that he runs his own web business

Michael Rotondo eviction: Pictured the Camillus, NY home that the millenial son refuses to move out of.Michael Rotondo eviction: A work discrimination suit, ongoing child custody and other missed opportunities. Matters only became further complicated when Rotondo's own parents, Mark and Christina soon after insisted that Rotondo needed to get a job and health insurance (do you suppose?) if he planned on living with them.

"This is especially true for any weapons you may have", the letter adds.

"I don't see why they can't just, you know, wait a little bit for me to leave the house", Rotondo told Donald Greenwood, a justice on the Onondaga County Supreme Court.

Shortly after this notice, his parents made a decision to seek legal counsel and served another notice on February 13, granting Michael 30 days to move out or they would begin enforcement procedures.

However, the judge in the case instead ordered the parents' lawyer to draft an order outlining terms of the eviction on Tuesday.

The Rotondo family will take their case to Supreme Court later this month - some weeks ahead of Michael's 31st birthday.

Rotondo said he intends to appeal.

He said six months was "a reasonable amount of time for someone who has been depending on persons for support".

A letter to Michael dated February 2 reads: "We have decided that you must leave this house immediately".

The Rotondos' house in Camillus, N.Y., where Michael Rotondo, 30, is being evicted at the request of his parents. "Get one - you have to work!", signed "Christina and Mark Rotondo".

The family's home in Upper State New York.

"It's really unfair to me and really outrageous", said the son of the ruling, according to the Post. And I'm expecting that I will be able to.

Shutting down claims he was unemployed, Mr Rotondo wrote in court papers that he runs a "successful" business but did not elaborate on what it was.

Despite getting five written notices from his parents, dating back to February, Rotondo insists he should have been given six months notice to move out.

Though he claimed to have his own business, when asked what that business was by reporters.

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