Fortnite Season 4 is live, complete with new Battle Pass

Fortnite Servers DOWN Game Status offline for Season 4 update and new Battle Pass

EPIC GAMES Fortnite Servers DOWN Game Status offline for Season 4 update and new Battle Pass

As of today, a new, fourth season of Fortnite has been launched by the developer Epic Games. No matter your thoughts on the game itself, it was an ingenious marketing ploy. And if you've been paying attention at all the king of the mountain is Fortnite, which skyrocketed in popularity after quickly adding the free Battle Royale mode to Epic's one-time Unreal Engine 4 showcase years in the making. Players will find a good amount of loot hidden around the new studio, most of which centered around the studio rooms, helicopter crash site, and big green screen. Effectively changing the gameplay as well, especially with the low gravity introduction via hop rocks.

Save the World (PVE) has been updated if you care, but we can only assume you're here for Battle Royale updates. In true Fortnite fashion, the season kicked off with a new trailer and a wide-array of fantastic new game-mechanics for players to discover and enjoy in both PvE and PvP. Other, smaller craters are also spread around the area.

With the comet crashing down, it has changed the once seemingly normal map everyone is familiar with in Battle Royale. At tier 23, you'll get Teknique, which looks like some sort of DJ, and tier 47 unlocks Zooey, a female skin with green pigtails and a pink outfit.

A number of new abilities and sub-classes have been added to Save the World, as well.

As for the emotes, the most exciting addition is probably Orange Justice (tier 26), which is based off a fan submission that went viral.

In the area north of Tomato Town, Fortnite players will now find a new drive-in-style movie theater called Risky Reels. To check out all of the recent changes, you can read the full patch notes right here! Being able to jump way up in the air and slowly float down makes it a lot easier to get a height advantage on your enemies.

Ultimately most players will not spend $99 to $141 to hit level 100 in Fortnite Season 4 on day one, but it's an option for those with big bank accounts.

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