First Lady Melania Trump Says She's 'Feeling Great' After Surgery

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Melania Trump last appeared in public on May 10, standing alongside her husband at Joint Base Andrews as the couple greeted three Americans who had been released from prison in North Korea. Ever since she had kidney surgery on May 14, Melania has been off the radar despite returning to the White House days later. She spent six days at Walter Reed Military Hospital before it was announced that she would be heading home to the White House.

Asked about the first lady's health before he boarded the presidential helicopter on the South Lawn, Trump pointed to the second floor of the White House and said: "She's doing great". And some chalked up her absence as another example of her private tendencies.

It's not likely that her spokeswoman's comments to CNN will quiet the speculation and theories, which include the widely tweeted rumor that Melania Trump has moved back to New York City.

On Twitter, some suggested her husband had actually written the tweet that appeared on her account on Wednesday.

'There's no guidebook to being first lady.

However, social media users were not at all convinced and hilarious responses ensued.

Mrs. Trump tweeted Wednesday that she's "feeling great" and is at the White House working hard for children and American families.

She earlier this month launched Be Best, an initiative to teach kindness to children.

However, in the grand scope of Trump's first lady schedule, a 20-day break, while long, isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Melania also tweeted Monday afternoon that she is feeling great, while sniping at reports about her absence.

A White House official conceded that the Trump administration is itself to blame for such speculation, saying: 'It's expected that Trump people are hiding something'.

Some even went as far as to say that they believed the message looked more like it was written by President Donald Trump than his wife. Some doctors familiar with the procedure but not involved in her care said people treated with embolization typically are sent home the same day or the next.

Getty ImagesMelania has been out of the public eye for two weeks, but will she visit Canada next month?

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