2019 iPhone Could Have Triple Rear Lens

A triple-lens iPhone X mockup by Martin Hajek. Image Courtesy of iDrop News

A triple-lens iPhone X mockup by Martin Hajek. Image Courtesy of iDrop News

In case the performed test of diagnosis does not turn up to feature any damage to the back camera, the company has given instructions to its service providers about replacing the iPhone X of the user with an all-new phone.

This prediction is quite in keeping with earlier leaks, which were published representatives of the Taiwanese Economic Daily News last month. As per reports, Apple may introduce three new iPhone models in 2019 and one out of those three may boast a triple camera module.

Does not specify whether in this case it is about optical, digital or a hybrid increase. The iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X can optically zoom up to 2X.

Recently, Huawei has launched a P20 Pro with three rear camera setup, the placement of the three cameras is vertical. At least one of the lenses was said to have 12 MP resolution. Without providing any further details, Taipei Times reported that at least one of the new iPhone models coming in 2019 will have three cameras, and it's naturally going to be the highest-end variant.

This comes in line with a report by a Chinese publication that said that next year's iPhone will have a 5x zoom with one of the camera being a 12-megapixel sensor.

If the triple-lens iPhone does arrive next year, it's already have some stiff competition. Providing the triple-lens camera does come to fruition though, it will probably be relegated to the most expensive flagship released that year. A third lens could make mobile photography a lot more intuitive.

Two cameras on the back of your iPhone X may not be enough - the 2019 iPhone may come with three. It means that the third generation iPhone X or iPhone X Plus are the likely recipients of the camera upgrade.

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