YouTube Kids To Add New Parental Controls

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YouTube noted that the flagged content remains live when it doesn't violate its community guidelines. Image source Reuters

In controls rolling out later this year, parents will be able to manually approve individual videos or channels that their children can access through the app, giving them the ability to pre-vet and handpick a collection of videos to ensure they are appropriate.

The YouTube Kids app has been around for over three years now. In addition to the comments, some YouTubers were posting disturbing and sometimes violent videos with keywords targeting kids.

The updates allow parents to switch off the automated system and choose a contained selection of children's programming such as "Sesame Street" and PBS Kids. Inappropriate videos have also surfaced on YouTube Kids, including weird conspiracy videos.

This means your parents will be able to make sure that you can only see videos that Youtube staff have decided are appropriate for children.

The YouTube Kids app is a separate, stand-alone app for smartphones and tablets, aimed at offering a safer video experience than the main YouTube app, which is a hotbed of viral videos aimed at adults. The first one is "Collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids", where the app will start offering collections of videos from trusted channels on a number of subjects ranging from arts and crafts, sports and learning, to music and more. Google says that more partners will be added over time. Yet many parents still wanted, even more, controls over what their kids can watch on YouTube Kids. Of those 8 million videos deleted, 6.7 million were flagged by an algorithm and rest was picked by Youtube employees that they thought were not up to the community guidelines of the Youtube.

New features in the YouTube Kids app.

A non-algorithmic, white-listed version of the Kids app has been something that parents have been calling for. "Throughout this year, we'll roll out a more robust suite of tools for parents to customize the YouTube Kids experience".

"Even though YouTube's terms of service say [the site] is for ages 13 and up", says Golin, "the platform is loaded with cartoons, nursery rhyme videos, toy commercials and all sorts of content for young children".

It's the kind of control parents have been asking for from the popular app, but it also puts the onus on them to filter content.

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