United Nations approves 'largest-ever' set of sanctions against North Korea

UN Security Council

UN Security CouncilReuters

The UN Security Council slapped sanctions Friday on 21 shipping companies, 27 ships and one individual for alleged smuggling to help North Korea undermine existing sanctions, the US mission to the UN said.

The designations came at the request of the United States, the report quoted a council diplomat as saying.

Two other North Korean vessels were hit with a global assets freeze, but are not banned from port entry.

According to the sanctions, Tsang now faces a travel ban imposed by the United Nations, while his assets have been frozen.

Taiwan-based Pro-Gain Group Corp and Taiwan and Marshall Islands-based Kingly Won International Co, both owned or controlled by Tsang, were also blacklisted. But meanwhile, "unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost!"

Tension over North Korea's tests of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles a year ago surged and raised fears of United States military action in response to the North's threat to develop a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the USA mainland.

Only eight North Korean vessels had so far been banned from ports for sanctions-busting - so the inclusion of 13 other ships on Friday was expected to significantly cripple North Korea's maritime network.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley stated that these sanctions, which are the largest agreed by the Committee of the Council aimed at ending the illegal smuggling of North Korea.

This list contains part of the request of Washington.

The US then proposed a short list, which was unanimously approved by the Committee on Friday.

Oil tankers and cargo vessels that were blacklisted are now prohibited from global ports, while businesses are to have their assets frozen. Most of those targets were based in North Korea, but some were based in China _ North Korea's main trading partner _ Hong Kong, Singapore and Panama.

Two other companies - Shanghai Dongfeng Shipping and Weihai World Shipping Freight, also based in China - were blacklisted for carrying North Korean coal on their vessels.

Taiwan's ongoing efforts show the government's determination to follow the sanctions imposed by the worldwide community against North Korea, and to apply diplomatic and economic pressure on Pyongyang, the ministry said, adding that it hopes Taiwan will serve as a role model for other nations.

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