The Next 'Castlevania' Game is a Mobile Title

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls for iOS

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Screenshot

When Grimoire of Souls releases, players will be able to enter the world as franchise characters Alucard, Simon, Charlotte, Shanoa, and Maria.

The game will be a 2D action game like the classic games of the series, with Count Dracula being resurrected despite a long period of peace. It read that the grimoire went out of control and Count Dracula lives again. Since 1997's Symphony of the Night, which rightfully sits on many "Greatest of All Time" lists, the series has had several questionable forays into things like 3D (Castlevania 64), multiplayer (Harmony of Despair), fighting games (Judgement), and God of War impersonation (Lords of Shadow). Strengthen your favorite character and take on the powerful enemies that block your path forward! But someone is intent on disturbing that peace, sending the main character, Genya Arikado, on a long and risky journey, fraught with enemies and mysteries. "Grimoire of Souls" is expected to be released sometime this year. It will also have 4v4 PVP, Boss Rush mode, and features some gorgeous character portraits and artwork. The game was recently revealed with an official site (all in Japanese), but Gematsu has already provided some translations about the upcoming product. Today only a few people know about it, and its ability to fight against Dracula. Check out the details, screenshots and release date below.

While he has unworldly good looks, he is unsociable and hard to approach. He's flanked by Lucy, a researcher who's partnered with Genya. Despite her young age, she is a highly competent research magician and supports Arikado and company in battle through the Grimoire. Arikado and company are staying at her laboratory.

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