The eagle has landed ... on Seattle's James Paxton's shoulder

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Bald Eagles Attempts To Abduct Mariners P James Paxton; His Reaction Was Priceless (VIDEO)

As Dessa finished singing the Star Spangled Banner, a bald eagle that was supposed to land on the pitcher's mound instead alighted on Mariners starting pitcher James Paxton.

That laser focus came in handy before the Mariners played against Minnesota in its home opener as a bald eagle that was released during the National Anthem for a flyover decided Paxton was his landing perch.

"I'm not gonna outrun an eagle, so just thought, we'll see what happens", Paxton told reporters after the game, reports the Associated Press.

"It was coming right for me and I was like, 'Alright, the guy is over there". The bird initially flew off and landed on the ground but went airborne again, landing its giant claws into Paxton's shoulder!

Ironically, the team introduced a new commercial this season centered on Paxton and his nickname, with Paxton harboring bird eggs in a nest inside his hat. But it was just trying to stand on my shoulder.

"I just have to be not standing alone in the field", Paxton said.

Maybe the Eagle will give him the good luck he needs to turn around his 11.00 ERA. The raptor's handler immediately came running onto the field with his big leather arm sleeve and the bird finally cooperated and stopped going after Paxton.

There was some good-natured joking after the game and Paxton had a phone full of messages to take care of as video of the event has gone viral.

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