Take pledge for BJP's 2019 win, Shah tells partymen

In Hubballi Shah said the BJP is not against reservation and the party would protect the interest of the oppressed classes

In Hubballi Shah said the BJP is not against reservation and the party would protect the interest of the oppressed classes

"The opposition parties are coming together despite having different ideologies".

At the rally, Shah also came down heavily on Rahul Gandhi, who in his rallies have been repeatedly asking for the performance card of the Modi government.

Reaching out to dalits, Shah asserted the BJP government will never abolish reservation system. When huge floods occur, everything is washed away. The reason is not that we have made any mistake.

However, within a couple of hours after his party workers' rally, Shah clarified his likening the Opposition parties to snakes, mongooses, cats and dogs and said, "If I had given the example of snakes and mongooses, it was because they are rivals of one another".

"Snake and mongoose have nothing in common. Now all parties are attempting to unite against him and fight the elections", Shah said.

Shah, a former Gujarat minister, said that the "golden period" of BJP is yet to come."We will win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.We will in West Bengal and Odisha Assemby elections and return to power in Maharashtra.that would be the golden period", he said virtually kick-starting the campaign for BJP for 2019 Lok Sabha polls from Mumbai. He also blamed the opposition for the current logjam in the Parliament.

The second leg of Budget session, which resumed on March 5 and concluded on Friday, was a totalwash-out. "This is an election gimmick", Mr Shah said.

Taking a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Shah said, "Rahul distributed candies when we lost two Lok Sabha bypolls". We only lost the polls, while his party forfeited the deposit. "He is perhaps the only leader to distribute candies when his party candidates forfeit deposits", said Shah. "He told us that we have to utilise the policies and programmes of the Centre and state governments to strengthen the organisation at the grassroots", said a BJP legislator here.

According to a statement from the party, as per the information received at the party headquarters in the city flag hoisting ceremonies were held in all 40 constituencies all over the state where party workers rejoiced with slogans and fire crackers.

The Minister took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, saying if one has to grow in Indian politics, one has to embrace the country's soil, its culture and tradition. He sits with Pawar sahab (NCP chief Sharad Pawar) nowadays.

"Rahul baba says the Modi government should give an account of its four years in power. The people want to know", Shah said.

Shah said the Congress had all along ignored the demands of the farmers but the Modi government has made a decision to give one and a half times the production cost of rabi and kharif produce to farmers.

"The same cannot be said about anybody from the Sangh Parivar and it was because of the struggles and sacrifices that a tea-seller could become the Prime Minister". "We began with two members in Parliament, but now we have an absolute majority". "It was the opposition that disrupted the proceedings".

Rubbishing claims that allies have deserted the BJP, Amit Shah said, "Since 2014, the NDA partners have grown in numbers and not reduced". "You fix the stage and we'll be up for debate". "We were ready to discuss all issues".

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