Syrian air defences reportedly respond to new missile attacks

A boy gestures as he holds stacks of bread in Douma

A boy gestures as he holds stacks of bread in Douma

Syria's state-run television has corrected an earlier report that said the country's air defense system shot down missiles targeting an air base.

Opposition sources say Dumair airport is a major air base used in a large-scale military campaign waged by the Syrian army with Russian firepower that regained eastern Ghouta, a rebel enclave on the outskirts of Damascus.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, which may indicate that the Israeli Air Force could have been involved, Al-Masdar News reports, citing a military source.

"The was no external attack on Syria".

Syrian state-run television has reported that the country's defenses have confronted a new "aggression", shooting down missiles over the central Homs region.

The Pentagon has denied initiating strikes or conducting any other military activity in Homs province.

"There is no United States military activity in that area at this time", Eric Pahond, a Pentagon spokesman said when asked about the strike in Homs.

Also friendly governments of this country, such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba, and social movements raised their voices of condemnation against Washington's unilateral military actions, which violate the principles of worldwide law.

In addition to praising the recent victory of the government troops in the East Ghouta region, east of Damascus, the protesters demanded the departure of the invading United States troops from Syrian territory and the closure of their military bases.

On Monday, Syrian and Russian authorities prevented investigators from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons from going to the scene, the head of the group said, blocking global efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

It comes just days after the UK, US and France launched airstrikes on three targets following the latest alleged chemical attack by the Syrian regime in Douma.

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