Spotify giving away more music, hoping you'll pay for Premium

Spotify unveils new features at press event

Spotify unveils new features at press event

Previously, users of the free app could only listen to playlists on shuffle.

Spotify will also make recommendations in the free mobile version based on existing user-made playlists, from the songs on those playlists to the name of the playlist itself.

Aside from the improved music experience, Spotify is also introducing a new app UI for free tier users, which constantly reminds users of the premium plan.

Also new is "assisted playlisting", wherein SPOTIFY recommends similar songs to those already on the user's playlist, as well as a low-data mode called "data saver", which cuts data consumption by up to 75%.

This week, users of Spotify's free tier on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices will not only see a slightly different design, but will have more control over what they listen to.

Spotify has released a new version of the free, ad-supported version of its platform, Free on Spotify.

Spotify now boasts 90 million free subscribers and that service is essentially a loss leader meant to get users liking the music and then buy a [commercial free] subscription.

As for exactly what's new in "personalized discovery", by far the most important change is the addition of on-demand playlists. If you're a student, Spotify Premium will cost $4.99. Some of the new features include Spotify's 15 most popular playlists including the Discover Weekly for on-demand playback.

Babar Zafar, Spotify's VP of Product Development, said the Spotify app will optimize how much of a phone's space is used as its streams music.

The service is available in most of North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia.

Spotify has announced that it has begun rolling out a redesigned app experience for its free customers.

This tier will make all the more sense when the company enters India. You could speculate that this is tied to the promotion of certain artists by the record labels subsidising the free tier. Previous estimates have predicted that Apple's service will overtake Spotify in paying subscribers later this year. The ability to listen to the entire Spotify catalog on-demand with no ads and no skip limits on both desktop and mobile is reserved for Premier members.

Speaking at New York's Gramercy Theater, Spotify's Gustav Söderström has unveiled a new, free version of the Spotify app that takes advantage of machine learning and AI.

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