Snapchat 'Snappables' are new AR games

Snapchat first tested selfie games like this Mac & Cheese noodle catcher back in 2016

Snapchat first tested selfie games like this Mac & Cheese noodle catcher back in 2016

Snapchat's new video call feature will also allow you to use Lenses during calls to give yourself a different look altogether. Multiple users can play together the augmented reality games and use Snappables to challenge each other or enjoy the games together.

Snappables is a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in Augumented Reality. They will be able to interact with these AR games through facial expression, motion or touch, which sounds rather cool.

First spotted by Killer Features, Snappables will be available right alongside the other Snapchat lens' and should roll out globally soon. The company has confirmed that new Snappables will be released every week with new and exciting experiences and games. Some can even change your voice or the world around you.

Snapchat is already one of the most popular messaging services out there, offering ephemeral messaging, Stories, and even easily digestible shows. In one example, we can see a person play a Space Invaders-like game and another blowing bubbles.

The Snapchat app logo.

With the camera pointing toward you, tap on your face. They'll be accessible from the lens carousel, but to the left of the capture button. After tapping on the Lenses, the users will have to follow the on-screen directions and they can also choose various Snappables lenses to start off with and can invite their friends too to play along. Many games are only solo games while the others are multiplayer games wherein the objective is to get the highest score.

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