Single Jackpot-Winning Mega Millions Ticket Sold In New Jersey

Mega Millions has only topped $500 million four

Mega Millions has only topped $500 million four times

The Mega Millions jackpot numbers were drawn and it appears there was only one winning ticket.

The amount is the fourth largest in the game's history.

The winning numbers were 11, 28, 31, 46 and 59.

Six years ago on March 30 a jackpot of $656 million was won by an IL couple.

In order to win tonight's jackpot, you'd need to match all five white balls and the yellow Mega ball.

Nash Riad, the station's manager, told The Associated Press that he doesn't know their identity and no one has yet to come forward.

The drawing was the 24th since the last time a ticket with all six numbers was sold.

It wasn't yet known whether anyone had bought a winning ticket. The area is in the northeastern part of the state, about 30 miles outside of New York City. According to the NJ Lottery, three $1 million dollar tickets were sold during the latest jackpot run.

The jackpot for Tuesday's drawing will be $40 million.

How to claim the Mega Millions jackpot? Messages for the New Jersey Lottery have not yet been returned.

If the prize is worth $599.50 or less, the ticket holder can receive their winnings in cash at any New Jersey Lottery Retailer. In the past, the New Jersey Lottery has executed a verification process before revealing the location.

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