Saudi Arabia's King Salman attacked by a drone

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Drone shot down near Saudi King's palace

He called on drone enthusiasts to obtain the necessary permission "authorizing them to use drones for the purposes assigned to them in permitted sites from police in their neighborhoods".

King Salman's palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday was attacked by a drone which was later shot down.

An security screening point had noticed the traveling of some tiny unauthorized recreational drone, leading security forces to address it "according to their own requests and guidelines", state news agency SPA'd said.

Asked about the footage, the official said the drone had been shot down, and added that the government would introduce regulations for the use of recreational drones.

While new regulations are being finalized, Saudi Arabia has reminded drone owners, one day after a drone intrusion triggered heavy gunfire in the capital, that flying unmanned aerial vehicles without a special permit is illegal.

"Saudi forces were able to intercept (the missile)", the Saudi Press Agency said, citing the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

Security around the palaces appears to have tightened in recent months as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman oversees landmark social and economic reforms to prepare for a post-oil era, despite the risk of riling religious hardliners.

Royal guards killed the gunman, identified by the ministry as a 28-year-old Saudi national armed with a Kalashnikov and three grenades.

Rabat- Saudi Arabia sports authorities ordered the shutdown of a women's fitness center in Riyadh on Friday, over a promotional workout video deemed contentious for showing a woman in a tight-fitting sportswear, while kicking a punching bag. Saudi Arabia claims to have intercepted a lot of them.

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