Nate Diaz has taken an interesting view on Conor McGregor's bus attack

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UFC president Dana White told reporters a warrant had been issued to arrest McGregor following the wild attack. "You can come in here and do it legally".

"Conor went bananas and put a beating on the van that we were in looking for Khabib", Little said. "There is video and the detectives are reviewing it".

Step inside Conor McGregor's after fight party.

The incident appears to be related to news that McGregor will be forced to relinquish his UFC lightweight title this weekend, when the victor of a showdown between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway will take over as champion.

White said: "You don't like Khabib and what happened then fight him".

But McGregor issued a response on Thursday that left little to the imagination about how he feels over White's decision, with the two-time UFC champion reacting in a similar way to the last time he was stripped of a belt.

One day after the UFC officially declared Conor McGregor was being stripped of his UFC lightweight championship, the Irish superstar might be done with the UFC.

Video of the incident clearly showed McGregor hurling a dolly through a side window of the bus as it moved slowly in a vehicle park at the Barclays Center in NY. Running into each other in the fighters' hotel, Nurmagomedov got into a verbal altercation with Lobov.

Nurmagomedov escaped unscathed, while Michael Chiesa sustained cuts to his face in the incident and Lobov was pulled from the card for his role.

McGregor than apparently fled the scene along with his entourage.

"Everyone's shaken up. This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company".

NY police had issued a warrant for the arrest of McGregor, White added, accusing the Irish superstar and a group of around 20 men of "storming the building". His plane can not take off, he can not leave the state of NY with this warrant. "I'm assuming eventually he'll turn himself in".

Video showed McGregor with a group of people causing chaos Thursday as they took an elevator to the loading dock at Barclays Center.

White added: "I don't think anybody is going to want to right now, everyone is going to be pretty disgusted with Conor McGregor right now".

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