McKayla Maroney: Larry Nassar exploited coaches withholding food

McKayla Maroney often questioned whether her gymnastics career was worth the abuse

McKayla Maroney often questioned whether her gymnastics career was worth the abuse

Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney said former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar exploited her vulnerabilities when her coaches withheld food - nearly to the point of starvation.

It was only earlier this year that disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual misconduct and child pornography, so the bad aftermath his victims have to endure will probably linger for quite some time. "Alumni come up to me and wonder, 'How could this happen?" Now, she said, she realizes that his treats were a classic grooming method used by sexual abusers.

Nassar's victims have said the doctor secured their trust before using supposed medical treatments as an excuse to molest them.

"You were let down by individuals you trusted but who chose to ignore you, to look the other way, or to deliberately cover up abuses you suffered because their priority, simply put, was not your safety or well-being", Moran told the accusers Wednesday.

Wieber also says noticing red flags for instance, if a coach tries to distance a parent from an athlete.

In 2016, USA Gymnastics had Maroney sign a nondisclosure in a secret settlement, according to the Associated Press.

How many times before she finally quit competitive gymnastics?

On Tuesday, Maroney did not hold back in her disdain for the institutions that employed Nassar when provided the opportunity to speak in person. "The people and organizations who are responsible need to accept responsibility for the pain they caused me and my sister survivors".

Recalling how Nassar touched her over her leotards in the middle of a gym without anyone reacting on one occasion, Dantzcher said, "I know it's still going on". I definitely see a future where athletes are safe and succeeding, and I think this next generation is gonna be even stronger with everything that we're team won gold medals in spite of U.S.A. Gymnastics, M.S.U., and the U.S.O.C., and they don't build champions, they break them.

"Almost immediately after filing (the lawsuit), I was bullied on social media", she said.

"We've been yelling for years, but no one's been listening", said Bridie Farrell, a former elite speedskater who has advocated for stronger legal protections for children in Olympic sports since 2013, when she publicly accused four-time Olympic speedskater and former U.S. Speedskating president Andy Gabel of molesting her years prior. So you can't tell people this. "We can't give up [the fight] to end sexual abuse".

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