McConnell: I won't put legislation to protect Mueller on Senate floor

Mitch McConnell Puts Kibosh on Bill Protecting Robert Mueller

McConnell gives Trump the green light, says he won't allow vote on bill to protect Mueller

Unlike the young Bernie Sanders, McConnell must have been taking a dip in the Reflecting Pool or even dozing off when King said that "with this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a handsome symphony of brotherhood". Such procedural steps include committee reporting or discharging a committee from a bill's consideration, and such procedural requirements include the two-day availability of a committee report.

McConnell's announcement effectively killed a bill meant to shield Mueller which was introduced last week by a bipartisan group of senators, called the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

"Obviously the views of the majority leader are important to consider, but they do not govern what happens here in the Judiciary Committee", Grassley said at a committee meeting on Thursday.

"I think it's probably unconstitutional and I don't think there's any realistic chance that the president will fire Mr. Mueller", Sen. I don't think the president's going to do that.

McConnell said in a Fox News interview Tuesday that he wouldn't put the bill on the floor. The legislation, written by the Republican senators Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham of SC, and the Democratic senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Chris Coons of DE, would codify regulations limiting who can fire a special counsel.

McConnell informed Cavuto that he would be shocked if the exceptional adviser, who is exploring contacts between authorities along with the campaign of Trump was dismissed by Trump.

And even if the bill does pass both the House and the Senate, it would still need President Donald Trump's signature to become law - something McConnell has said is unlikely.

Federal legislation that would legalize industrial hemp across the United States has rapidly advanced to the Senate floor. He is a threat to democracy, and Republicans should actually support this move, because he's the one who's helping to tank your party right now.

The proposed legislation would allow the special counsel's firing only for good cause by a senior Justice Department official.

Grassley acknowledged McConnell's comments on Wednesday, saying that the majority leader has a "terrible job" but adding that he "can't worry about what's going on on the floor". "What I don't trust is future presidents who I don't know yet".

Grassley said no senator has talked to him directly to complain about considering the bill.

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