Man Dies In Blaze At Trump Tower

The massive blaze shot out several windows on the 50 floor

The massive blaze shot out several windows on the 50 floor

The fire is reported to be on the 50th floor of the high-rise, which contains both apartments and office space.

Todd Brassner, 67, was unconscious when pulled from his apartment in the Midtown skyscraper and rushed to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital.

The FDNY said that six firefighters suffered injuries. An investigation is ongoing.

Multiple reports have surfaced about the lack of sprinklers in Trump Tower's upper floors, confirmed by Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro. Very confined (well built building). "Firemen (and women) did a great job", Trump tweeted.

Trump's then-under construction Trump World Tower near the United Nations was also grandfathered in because he had submitted building permits before the local law was signed.

"It's a well-built building", Nigro said. At the time the building was constructed, the city didn't require every unit have sprinklers, so this unit didn't have one.

One man is dead and seven firefighters injured after a fire broke out in Trump Tower, New York, on Saturday.

President Trump has a complicated history with the life-saving sprinklers the Trump Tower residential quarters lacked during a deadly fire Saturday. The headquarters of the Trump Organisation is on the 26th floor.

Firefighters reported smoke throughout tower and inspected Trump's residence but did not say if it was damaged.

Authorities first responded to the fire in Brassner's apartment at about 5:30 p.m. on Saturday evening where the severity of the blaze required more than 200 firefighters to attend to the scene. "If you look at the fire deaths in NY, nearly all of them are in one- or two-family houses".

New York City in 1999 ended up being last huge city in the country to need sprinklers, inning accordance with the New york city Daily News.

She said she started praying because she felt it was the end.

"I called my oldest son and said goodbye to him because the way it looked everything was falling out of the window, and it reminded me of 9/11".

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