Jaire Alexander is so Excited for Teammate Lamar Jackson Getting Drafted

Seahawks swap with Packers, trading down in first round

Jaire Alexander is so Excited for Teammate Lamar Jackson Getting Drafted

The rookie cornerback, who was drafted with the 18th pick in the first round out of Louisville by the Packers Thursday, was doing an interview with The Checkdown when he heard Lamar Jackson was drafted by the Ravens. Emphasizes Joe Flacco is their QB.

But all 5 of those picks are being considered reaches at this point.

Yes, he's the quarterback for now (just like Alex Smith was a year ago in Kansas City), but Flacco's cap hit will be $26.5 million in 2019, and the cap charge for trading or cutting him will be $16 million. Among them was Giants wide receiver Odelll Beckham Jr. Now we have 'Wink, ' and so far, we've only drafted offensive players. The wise ones ignore the outside noise.

I'm curious to see how Jackson will fare in the NFL. Unprompted, Jackson was the one who brought up what he felt were inaccurate reports about how he was hard for teams to reach in scheduling workouts and interviews. It's by no means hard to foresee Baltimore making the switch to Jackson, who'll be under team control for up to five years at a far more reasonable rate.

Jackson claimed all of it was overblown - and some members of the agent community trying to get in on the action are to blame. "I feel like at the end of the draft, you'll see more offensive players selected than defensive players".

I know one thing for certain after last nights draft.

An NFL team can deal with a fan base that is angry.

Jackson's frustration was tangible when speaking to Hall of Fame corner Deion Sanders too, and he made a pretty bold prediction for his future with the Ravens.

But don't expect them to stay put.

Other red flags were raised. Jackson was the last of the group to be drafted. And, after officially selecting Jackson, continued a trend in moving up to No. 32 in search of a quarterback.

Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas, the top two football executives, both said the Eagles need to be comfortable with 32 players. He went on to catch eight passes for 106 yards during the Gamecocks' forgettable 2015 campaign. I wouldn't want to be the 31 other teams in the National Football League... The Ravens are known to trade back as often as any team in the league, and when you break down the moves, they make a lot of sense for Baltimore.

"It was masterful the way it happened in the draft room tonight", Newsome said when the team finally came down for its post-draft presser.

"I'm excited that we have a chance to swing at a lot of pitches", assistant GM Eric DeCosta said. We didn't trade out just to trade out. "You know it, right?" The problem is he's so used to being able to tuck the ball and run. When will the 2016 Heisman Trophy victor Lamar Jackson go? "Otherwise, he'll end up being Hurt Jackson rather than Action Jackson". "That's a tribute to you, the fans", he says.

Jackson and Alexander had been teammates at Louisville from 2015-2017. That about covers Jackson's perceived flaws.

He also thinks having Jackson and RG3 on the same is a GOOD thing - and not a problem. It's time to start thinking about drafting a quarterback.

Alexander then turned his attention back to the interview before expressing just how thrilled he was for the 2016 Heisman Trophy victor.

And while he didn't capture the award again in 2017, Jackson posted nearly identical rushing and passing statistics while improving his completion percentage from 56.2 to 59.1.

On Thursday night, Newsome twice traded back before picking SC tight end Hayden Hurst at No. 25.

However, it is still clear that Baltimore plans on making him Flacco's successor some day. At age 33 and with a mounting injury history, the odds are against it.

Jackson delivers a jolt of excitement to a franchise that has been the definition of mediocrity and bad offense since winning the Super Bowl six seasons ago.

The Eagles have a long wait ahead of them.

In the 1st round of his final draft as the Ravens' General Manager, Ozzie Newsome pulled out all the stops.

Mornhinweg and Quarterbacks Coach James Urban shed some light on their strategy Friday.

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