Israel launched air strikes on naval targets in Gaza

A wounded Palestinian woman is evacuated during clashes with Israeli troops during a tent city protest along the Israel border with Gaza demanding the right to return to their homeland the southern Gaza Strip

The Great Return March: Thousands of Palestinians Protest in Gaza Strip REUTERS Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Their March of Return is meant to abolish the Jewish state, expel all Jews from Israel, replace Jews with Palestinians as the rightful residents, and rename the land Palestine.

The Gaza border has been tense in recent weeks, with the Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza urging mass Palestinian protests there every Friday as part of a weeks-long campaign against a decade-old blockade of the territory.

Over 40 Palestinians have been killed and more than 5,500 injured in Gaza during the periodic clashes between the two sides, according to the United Nations.

Al-Bozom said the suspected PA officers were also behind an attempt to kill Hamas' head of security Tawfeeq Abu Naeem in October in Gaza. "Knives and cutters were found in their possessions", the spokesperson said, adding that they were handed to the Shin Bet security service for questioning.

Israeli forces have killed 42 Palestinians since Gaza residents began staging protests along the border fence on March 30.

His death brought to four the number of people killed or fatally wounded during a fifth consecutive Friday of protests in which thousands of Gazans have gathered near the heavily-guarded border. Resting with him are his helmets marking him a member of the television media. Amnesty International went even further, calling for an arms embargo against Israel along with a "war crimes" investigation at the International Criminal Court. "Whoever employs drones above Israeli soldiers needs to understand he is endangering himself".

A damaged vehicle of the convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah is seen after an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip, March 13, 2018.

Political rivals accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday of pushing ahead with a rare and disputed national decision-making meeting to tighten his grip on power and sideline them.

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