Instagram Will Soon Let You Download All Your Photos

Instagram introduces Focus mode

Focus: Instagram's New Camera Format In Stories

There's also no word on whether it will let you download the images you've shared in their original quality, or whether the files will be compressed to a lower-resolution. This feature which is available in Instagram Stories blurs the background while focusing on the object to create a depth of field effect. Users would then be able to share this image or video on their Stories or posts with stickers, texts or filters like any other regular picture.

The report also suggests that the details of how the Instagram data will arrive on your hard drive. According to TechCrunch, data portability will give Instagram users the option to move to a rival image-sharing service.

Of course, Instagram being a Facebook-owned company and all, it's nice to know that they're advanced software can detect yours and your friends faces via their app. The new tool from Instagram would shut off all such businesses when the giant introduce this feature natively within the Instagram's application under the Settings menu. Meanwhile, it is quite possible that the Nametags feature will help Instagram rake in more advertising revenue. If you're the David Attenborough of nightclub videography, Instagram Focus will be a godsend; all the better for capturing ill-advised karaoke and drunk-eyes.

Soon Instagram will allow users to download a copy of all Instagram Data, which they have uploaded on the photo-sharing platform.

If Instagram wanted to truly level the playing field, it would let you export your social graph in a privacy-safe format that would let users find and follow those same people on a different app. But the major news here is the coming of data portability on Instagram after years of its inception. Do you think it is necessary? Things are pretty unknown as of the moment and we are not sure about anything just yet.

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