How To Watch The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner

The statement said, however, that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will attend the event to represent the administration and that the President "will actively encourage members of the executive branch to attend and join us as we celebrate the First Amendment".

The announcement of US President Donald Trump [VIDEO]'s visit to the United Kingdom happened to land on the same day as Take Your Kids to Work Day, so a crowd of children who came into the Press Room at the White House with their journalist parents were the first to hear about it.

"Why did you bomb another country?" one of the kids asked.

President Donald Trump treated White House journalists' children to an Oval Office visit today but left their parents, many of whom he criticises, outside looking in through the windows. He also said, "Your parents are being very nice right now, I can't believe it!"

'Can we leave your parents out here?' asked the President.

The kids later met with Trump himself at the Oval Office.

Next time reporters want to get a clear-cut answer from the White House, they should consider leaving it to the kids. Sanders went on to explain why the USA bombed Syria on April 13 because "the president wanted to make sure some people in the world that weren't being very nice to other people and did some really bad stuff that we made sure they knew that wasn't okay".

Turx made headlines past year when Trump responded to his question about anti-Semitism by telling him to "sit down".

"After President Trump makes America great again, what job will there be for future presidents?"

Then, turning to the students posed on the stairs, he quipped, "See if you can hurry up and replace them".

"I agree. Come on, let's go", Trump said.

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