'Heartbreaking': Pulse shooting survivor reacts to verdict in trial of Noor Salman

Pulse nightclub shooter's initial target was Disney site, prosecutors say

Noor Salman, widow of Pulse nightclub gunman, found not guilty

"She may not be guilty, but she isn't innocent either", said Luis Morales, a Pulse regular who was not there during the attack. Her lawyers say she had no knowledge and was mentally and physically abused by him.

After the verdict, prosecutors said they were disappointed in the jury's decision and took no questions.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said he was "grateful for the jury's hard work and thoughtful deliberation". A neighbor who knows the family well said they are good people. "Our community is strong".

During the trial, prosecutors said Ms Mateen, who was born in NY to Afghan immigrants, meant to attack Disney World's shopping and entertainment complex by hiding a gun in a stroller but became spooked by police and instead chose the gay club as his target.

Prosecutors had also accused Salman of obstructing the investigation by lying to the FBI. Her attorneys argued there was no way she knew her husband would attack the nightclub because even he didn't know it until moments before. "The defendant didn't pull the trigger that night, but she did serve as a green light for her husband".

Prosecutors argued the messages show Salman was helping her husband concoct a cover story to tell his parents, who had invited the couple to a fast-breaking dinner at their mosque.

"I believe in justice", he said, "as long as we protect our justice all of us will be fine".

Later on in the test, Salman's lawyers additionally required Byron to state a mistrial or disregard the situation outright, stating the prosecution had actually held back important details for the growth of their debate.

When asked how Noor has been doing, her mother said the shooting and her possible life sentence had worn her daughter down.

During 10 days of testimony, jurors watched surveillance video showing Mateen buying weapons before the shooting and also opening fire inside the nightclub.

Security cameras also recorded Mateen going with Salman on a shopping spree for clothing, toys and jewelry at several stores in central Florida at least a week before the shooting.

"She began to cry and said, 'I knew, '" Enriquez said.

Demings had a different take on the verdict, saying, "I am disappointed in the outcome of the trial and know that the victims and/or their families are more disappointed". Some people, you know, were watching the trial in hopes of obtaining some answers as to why, you know, Omar Mateen did this and why this happened.

Noor Salman began sobbing with joy when the decision was read out at the USA district court in the Florida city. The case against her mainly consisted of a so-called confession she made to the police after intense questioning for over 17 hours. They said she wasn't an Islamic extremist.

Salman was interviewed by authorities for 11 hours, and her IQ score is 84, which makes her "below average in intelligence", Frumkin said.

Jurors have reached a verdict in the trial of the widow of the Orlando nightclub shooter who killed 49 people in 2016. The dates of the money transfers were between March 16, 2016, and June 5, 2016, according to the email.

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