Facebook's Messenger Kids is getting a sleep mode

New You Tube Kids tools to help parents control content

Facebook wants children to take breaks from Messenger Kids

Facebook has always remained in question to providing donations or some sort of financial assistance to some of the advisors who have been supportive towards its Messenger Kids app.

Parents can use this feature by enabling this feature from their accounts.

This is something kids are especially susceptible to, as they might lack the self-control adults often learn as they grow up.

The new sleep mode will allow parents to set predetermined times that Messenger Kids can not be used, whether that's a blocked out time for homework, during the night, or other times decided upon by the guardian. But while a parent will be able to manually put the app to "sleep mode" on other times within a day, they will not be able to schedule the app to nap more than once in a day. They also cannot use the camera, or receive notifications.

Announced on Friday, Facebook is adding a sleep mode to Messenger Kids. Tap on the child's name, and then on "Sleep Mode" in the App Controls section. This will allow parents to specifically handpick every video and channel that will be available to their child within the app. YouTube Kids is also launching an improved search-off control. You can set different times for weekdays versus weekends. If they try to use the app, they'll see a message telling them that the app is in Sleep Mode and that they should come back later.

This is really cool for the parents, where they can welcome their next generation to the digital world, and control their stay in the same simultaneously. This function will provide for an even more contained experience on the app. Starting this week, turning the search option off within the app will limit the channels children can access to a roster that has been verified by the YouTube Kids team. When you're setting boundaries around the use of technology, it may be helpful to have a conversation with your child to make sure you have a mutual understanding of the ground rules. By adding new features to this Children app, the giant is trying to make it more efficient for the existing users of the app.

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