DLC 'Chapters' Planned for Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man confirmed for a 2018 release on PS4

That Spider-Man game for PS4 that's been in the works from Insomniac for what seems like forever finally has an official release date: September 7, 2018. You'll also get access to The City That Never Sleeps, a DLC campaign that features three new chapters, and Sony will even mail your a physical Spider-Man pin for picking up this edition.

Marvel's Spider-Man becomes available September 7, but you can preorder a copy here. Until now the details have been scarce but that seems to be ending soon because recently GameInformer announced that their story for the May 2018 issue of the magazine is all about Spider-Man. The game also features a fast travel system through the subway.

Of course, for those collectors out there who want an incredible Spider-Man collectible alongside Marvel's Spider-Man, we have just the edition for you.

Speaking of things that'll be announced later, the aforementioned DLC expansions will contain three new chapters. The game will tell a completely new Spider-Man story and is not tied to a film or comic book.

Then there's the Collector's Edition, a $149.99 collection that features all the Digital Deluxe goodness, plus a Steelbook case, art book, and Spider-Man statue.

Spider-Man PS4 Game screenshots and a few easter eggs you may have missed from the games first trailer. All we know now is that Spider-Man will be sat on top of something, which will be revealed later this year. The same Spidey Suit Pack, Spider Drone Gadget, 5 in-game extra skill points, PSN avatar and PS4 theme are included as a pre-order bonus.

But fans of the Marvel films needn't fret: it's much of the same in terms of the game's plot.

Even after developer Insomniac Games showed off an extended gameplay segment at E3 2017 past year, it was still unclear if the game would be ready before the end of 2018.

And since we're talking about "looks", Black Cat will also be "involved" in the game, but there is no further info on what role she'll play. Negative, Nerdist reported that Mister Negative is able to take on Spider-Man with "concussive force" as a result of his powers.

This version of Spider-Man, though, is destined to be quite different than the ones we've seen.

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