Delhi-bound Air India flight experiences turbulence, 3 injured

Severe turbulence in Air India flight window panel falls off three injured- Watch

VIDEO: Air India Dreamliner's window panel falls off mid-flight

A Newsagency ANI tweeted the video by saying, "Air India flight from Amritsar to Delhi experienced severe turbulence and three passengers sustained minor injuries". The aviation agencies and the airlines are investigating the incident now.

At least three people are understood to have been treated in hospital for minor injuries.

With the recent spate of airline incidents around the world, passengers' confidence in air travel is... going out the window (sorry).

The incident occurred shortly after take-off as the aircraft reached 15,000 ft after turbulence rocked the plane.

It lasted nearly half of the 30-minute journey with the strongest tremors lasting 10-12 minutes, according to officials.

According to Fox news, the plane was rocked by turbulence shortly after take-off as it reached 15,000ft and then lasted nearly half of its journey. The flight attendant then put it back in place and checked up on the shaken passenger. The crew member is also seen asking the woman whether she was hurt and requesting her not to panic.

As the turbulence worsened, The Independent reported that overhead oxygen masks were released.

Here's how three passengers got hit in Air India turbulence.

"The person suffered injuries". The reason behind window panel off was due to severe turbulence the airline faced.

Sources said there was no damage to the outside window and there was no de-pressurisation.

According to the Daily Mail, a probe has been launched by India's aviation regulator the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board.

The woman was initially seriously injured, before it was later announced Jennifer Riordan, a mum-of-two from New Mexico, had died.

After leaving La Guardia airport in NY, the Boeing 737 plane engine exploded mid-flight.

The mid-air drama got here after a girl died when one other engine hearth induced an explosion to suck the sufferer from one of many aircraft's window.

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