Carrie Underwood Announces Sixth Studio Album

Carrie Underwood's new album

Carrie Underwood announces new album release date

"For a while I was anxious he would be scared of me", Underwood said before she explained that when she covers up her injury with makeup that little Isaiah always sweetly tells her that her "boo-boo's all gone". "If I would've fallen anywhere else I would've looked just fine". "I went to catch myself and just missed a step".

It's Carrie's first album since "Storyteller" was released in 2015. "I went to go survey the damage and was like, 'Oh no!'" She said the anthemic tune came about as the result of a trying year.

"I was taking the dogs out...and I just tripped", the 35-year-old said on Bones' show on Thursday.

When asked where she fell on her face, Carrie remarked that it was around her mouth.

The "Cry Pretty" singer didn't mean for her return to the public eye - after a fall at her home left her with a broken wrist and 40 stitches in her face - to cause such a frenzy. Priorities! So that's why my left hand's fine.

Billboard ranked the "vocal dynamo" performance as the best of the night, touting "this is how you do an award show performance", while Rolling Stone noted Underwood "channeled her inner country-soul diva" during the "knockout rendition". She believes she'll always have the marks, but they're covered by makeup. Host Bones told her that he couldn't see any difference in her facial features, and we couldn't agree more!

"Now he's sweet, for a while I was anxious he would be scared of me, but now if I put makeup on, he's like, 'your boo-boos all gone'". "We wanted things to be about the song that night, so we tried to avoid doing other things beforehand, just because I didn't want to talk about my accident".

"It was important to me as I started resuming my life again, and going to the grocery store, and taking my kid to school, and stuff like that".

Underwood gives fans an intimate look inside her recording and co-producing process for Cry Pretty in this exclusive album trailer!

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