BMW reveals iX3 all-electric SUV concept

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Say hello to the iX3, BMW's 'first' electric car

BMW has unveiled its much-promised all-electric iX3 SUV at the Beijing motor show today. And so a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) once again blazes a trail for a new and groudbreaking form of BMW's fabled driving pleasure.

The iX3 concept is the first BMW with the signature kidney grilles joined together.

BMW said in the future it would look to build pure combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems and battery electric solutions that could be fitted across all and in any of its models.

BMW says that the iX3's electric drive system is the fifth iteration of its battery technology, and it combines new batteries with an electric motor, transmission, and all the necessary control electronics bundled into one section of the auto. It comprises an electric motor, transmission and power electronics into a new, separate electric drive unit. Apparently, the new layout "brings considerable advances in terms of performance characteristics, operating range, weight, packaging space and flexibility".

BMW is claiming more than 200kW output and a real-world range of 400 kilometres for its first-ever all-electric SUV. It comes with model-specific high-voltage battery has a net capacity of over 70 kWh. According to unofficial data, the total capacity of electric power plant iX3 will be 270 HP Without recharging the vehicle can travel up to 400 km. auto is available For Express charging, which replenishes 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. The energy storage system has a newly developed Charging Control Unit and is created to be hooked up to fast-charging stations generating up to 150 kW.

Electric mobility also means a differentiation in design.

BMW hasn't released photos of the interior. The trademark blue accents of BMW's "i" range are prominently featured. The closed area within the kidney reduces air resistance, providing aerodynamic benefits. That grille is subtly reshaped to give it a bit more of a distinctive flavour, with a strong touch of the styling of that i Vision Dynamics concept.

BMW has taken the wraps off a concept that previews its first all-electric SUV, as well as signposting the German company's EV future.

The electric drive will be visible through the design elements from the BMW i design language in the exterior design mentioned above.

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