Baby Born Four Years After Parents' Deaths

Baby is born in China four years after parents died in car crash

Baby in China born 4 years after parents died in car crash: Reports

In China the child was born four years after his parents died in a vehicle accident.

Eventually they found a surrogate in Laos but, according to Time magazine, the eggs had to be transported across the border by vehicle because no airline was willing to take the embryos, which were encased in a thermos of liquid-nitrogen.

However, the couple tragically died in a auto crash in March 2013, five days before a fertilised embryo was due to be transplanted in Liu.

A surrogate mother gave birth to the baby boy using a frozen fertilised embryo from the dead couple. The eggs were only allowed to be transferred from the Nanjing hospital if another hospital agreed to store them, but with surrogacy being against the law in China, finding an institution to facilitate proved hard.

The parents of Shen and Liu eventually found a surrogacy agency that agreed to accept the embryos and bring them to Laos, a southeast Asian country where surrogacy was allowed.

The embryos also had to be transported by auto as no airline was willing to take responsibility for a thermos-sized bottle of liquid nitrogen.

Getting the citizenship of the child, named Tiantian, proved to be another hurdle as he was born in China and not Laos, with the surrogate travelling there on a simple tourist visa.

Hu gave the baby the nickname "Tiantian", which means "sweet" in Mandarin.

They then hired a surrogate mother, from Laos in south-east Asia, to deliver the child.

They also revealed that they will tell their grandson about his parents deaths when he is older. The soon-to-be grandparents eventually won custody and baby Tiantian was born by a Laotian surrogate last December, reported The Beijing News.

It is thought that the child is being raised by his grandparents who plan to tell him his mum and dad are living overseas until he is old enough to know what really happened. "We'll tell him in the future".

Liu was killed right away; Shen died five days later, reports said.

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