Apple reports a 5% mean gender pay gap

Kate Andrews April 3 2018 12:01am The Times Gender pay gap figures are no help to working women Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews April 3 2018 12:01am The Times Gender pay gap figures are no help to working women Kate Andrews

Female executives are also paid 88% less on average than men in the same roles.

But in August 2017, the Trump administration elected to stay the rule, claiming it was too burdensome to require companies to collect this data.

While the new data is limited to workers in the United Kingdom, it is likely that the situation is similar in other developed economies. Labour Party MP Stella Creasy recently even started the #PayMeToo movement to see if women are paid at par with the men in their organisations.

Gender pay gaps have little to do with unequal pay, but quite a lot to do with unequal representation.

Amazon UK Services, the division in question, is the only part of the business which reports a gender pay gap in favour of women.

Many other newspapers and websites have released the details of their pay over the last weeks and months.

Dozens of United Kingdom businesses still need to submit their gender pay figures ahead of Wednesday's midnight deadline.

A change in United Kingdom law means that companies in the market with more than 250 employees must reveal their gender pay gap stats by tomorrow (April 5).

"[For employees to] come together to challenge their senior management to produce an action plan that will change the gender pay gap".

"To combat this, we're focused on encouraging more women into tech roles". Companies want to close the gender pay gap.

Earlier today Oath UK, the owner of HuffPost UK, revealed a pay gap of 23.29 per cent in favour of men. While 42% of the company is comprised of women, those in leadership roles is a low 16%.

Paragon Group beat the national average with the median woman earning 11.6% less than the median man, as HR director Lorraine Nixon said the company will "benchmark against competitors and commit to take action to address the underlying issues".

The Sun and Sun on Sunday's gap was 24.8 per cent.

Unlike Amazon, however, Apple's statement cites both mean and median statistics and admits that by some measures its female employees are worse off.

More than 1,000 companies required to submit their gender pay gap figures to the Government have yet to do so, a day before the deadline.

Many of the UK's largest print companies have revealed their gender pay cap data as the government's deadline looms. While 50 per cent of their lowest paid staff are women, just 22 per cent of their highest paid staff are.

Despite having more women in junior roles, Barts is relatively balanced at senior levels with more women in its higher pay bands than men (1,886 compared to 1,624).

Apple has three companies in the United Kingdom, and reported numbers for all of them.

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