Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak bids adieu to Facebook

Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple says Facebook has a lot to answer for More

Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple says Facebook has a lot to answer for More

Wozniak's decision comes after data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica reportedly accessed and misused up to 87 million Facebook profiles.

Steve Wozniak wrote in an email that users provide each and every detail of their life to Facebook and in return Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this.

Wozniak said he'd rather pay for Facebook than being exploited by the social media giant.

As Facebook continues to spend time under the microscope, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has become the latest tech titan to dissect the social network's flaws. Woz iterates that Apple makes money off good products, and those products aren't the users.

Additionally, almost all of Facebook's users could've had an app siphon off their user data without their consent at some point during their Facebook lives. During a joint interview with Recode and MSNBC, he was asked what he would do about the crisis if he were in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's position. "I don't think at all that that means that we don't care about people". "Apple has more safe methods to share stuffs about users". And previous year he said, "I admire Facebook, but I'm a little scared of the power Facebook and Google get and I avoid them more than most people".

Zuckerberg hit back in a subsequent interview with Vox, calling Cook's comments "extremely glib". The company is reeling from several scandals involving fake news, Russian interference in elections, and of course, its ongoing privacy issues regarding Cambridge Analytica. While it claims to not sell personal information directly to advertisers, it relies on that data to better target ads.

Wozniak also compared Facebook's money-making tactics to that of Apple.

In Facebook's (and Google's for that matter) perspective, they are providing a free service that is accessible to everyone.

On a similar note, Facebook removes one more data analytics company after the local media finds it was employing tactics same as Cambridge Analytica. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg just recently stated that Facebook users should pay for the option to not have data-tracking ads.

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